About us

Executive and stewards

This is your 2020 local executive:

President – Erin Woodfine

Vice President – Pat Pendergast

Recording Secretary – Dianne Martin

Secretary Treasurer – Janet Preston

Chief Shop Steward – William Byrne

Deputy Chief Shop Steward – Peter Mercer

Membership Officer – Jason Green

We are always looking for members interested in becoming a shop steward. 

Members needing to contact someone one the local executive should refer to the City’s Intranet Telephone Directory to obtain contact information or refer to the “Contact us” page.


We are always looking for new committee members! Please contact a member of your local executive if you are interested in obtain more information or joining a committee!


Respectful Workplace Kay Fillier
Dianne Martin
Social Media/Communications Erin Woodfine
Jason Green
Stephanie Hickey
Sarah Grant Yetman
Krystal Kelsey
Contracting Out TBD
Political Action  TBD
Jason Green
Stephanie Hickey
By Laws  TBD
Dianne Martin
Brenda Power
Education Erin Woodfine
Stephen Bennett
Andrea Pittman Keating
Condolence Jodi Stanley
Andrea Keating
EFAP Joint Committee
Early/Safe Return to Work  TBD
JE Committee Bev Blackwood
Jodi Stanley
Jim Downey
Andrea Pittman Keating
Youth TBD
Labor Management  TBD
Dianne Martin
Pension  TBD
Sarah Grant Yetman

What we do

CUPE 1289 is proudly serving the residents of St. John’s. We are:

  • the 311 Access Centre staff serving you 24/7
  • the Information Technology Experts (operating and maintaining all computer systems)
  • the Buyers (spending your tax dollars wisely)
  • the Tourism Services Division –  welcoming residents and visitors
  • the Communications staff – keeping residents informed
  • the Surveyors
  • the GIS (Geographical Information Systems) and LIS (Land Information Systems) Technical Staff
  • the Engineering Technicians, Construction Inspectors, Streets Inspectors (street work and repair)
  • the Building, Plumbing & Electrical Inspectors (ensuring all safety codes are met)
  • the Accountants and Financial Services staff
  • the Lifeguards, Facility Service Workers and Recreational Staff
  • the Planners
  • the Housing and Homelessness staff
  • the Administrative and Clerical Staff
  • the Recycling and Waste Management staff
  • the Parking Enforcement Officers
  • the Assessors
  • the Development Officers