Collective agreement

Our current collective agreement expires June 30th , 2018.  We are hoping to have the ratification package signed in a couple weeks at which point we will posts the new agreement. If you have any questions about your collective agreement rights, please talk to your shop steward or a member of your Local Executive.

The collective agreement can also found on City of St. John’s Intranet (My City).



Our bylaws set out the rules for how our local democratically elects our representatives, and how it is run. We are working on obtaining an electronic copy and hope to have it available for download soon.


If your collective agreement has benefits negotiated, you can provide easy access to the provider’s page(s) here, along with a simple explanation of what is and isn’t covered.


Job postings

Don’t miss out on an opportunity! Your application needs to include a detailed resume outlining your education and experience, as it provides necessary information regarding your qualifications for a position. Without that detail, your application will not be considered.

Applications must be received by the Human Resources Division by the closing date and time noted on the posting.

Job Posting can be found on City of St. John’s Intranet (My City):




The City sponsors a “Retirement Benefit Plan for Employees of the City of St. John’s” which consists of the following:

For employees hired up to December 31, 2014 and for Fire Department employees, there is a Defined Benefit Pension Plan for which details are listed in the Defined Benefit Pension Plan Booklets.

For employees hired on or after January 1, 2015 (except Fire Dept. employees), there is a Defined Contribution Pension Plan in place for which details are listed on the Defined Contribution Pension Plan Overview Information Sheet.